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To include lifecycle badges in your documentation:

  1. Call usethis::use_lifecycle() to copy the badge images into the man/ folder of your package.

  2. Call lifecycle::badge() inside R backticks to insert a lifecycle badge:

    #' `r lifecycle::badge("experimental")`
    #' `r lifecycle::badge("deprecated")`
    #' `r lifecycle::badge("superseded")`

    If the deprecated feature is a function, a good place for this badge is at the top of the topic description. If it is an argument, you can put the badge in the argument description.

The badge is displayed as an image in the HTML version of the documentation and as text otherwise.

lifecycle::badge() is run by roxygen at build time so you don't need to add lifecycle to Imports: just to use the badges. However, it's still good practice to add to Suggests: so that it will be available to package developers.





A lifecycle stage as a string. Must be one of "experimental", "stable", "superseded", or "deprecated".


An Rd expression describing the lifecycle stage.


  • [Experimental] lifecycle::badge("experimental")

  • [Stable] lifecycle::badge("stable")

  • [Superseded] lifecycle::badge("superseded")

  • [Deprecated] lifecycle::badge("deprecated")

The meaning of these stages is described in vignette("stages").